Police investigate melbourne mans death

CAMERON BURNELL/FAIRFAX NZ Police are investigating the death of a family man 더킹카지노at his home in Hamilton after his grandson was found in a cupboard.

Police are searching for a man who was home alone with his grandson when he died on Thursday night.

The death, which was not being treated as suspicious, could have been as a result of foul play.

SUPPLIED A neighbour found the body of a 19-year-old man last night in a cupboard.

Hamilton-based police station commander Senior Sergeant Graham White said officers were investigating the death.

Police found the body of the young man in the living room at the home on Hargrave Road at about 9pm.

When officers arrived, they found his body covered in clothing.

The 19-year-old man had died from a “small but obviously fatal head injury”.

Police described the victim as “mellow” and “well to speak good English”.

He had lived at 바카라사이트the home for about seven weeks.

A neighbour said the house used to be a well-to-do family home, but it had fallen on hard times about four months ago.

CAMERON BURNELL/FAIRFAX NZ People walk around the scene of the murder and their homes on Hargrave Rd, Hamilton, on Thursday night.

“This house was one of the last ones still standing there… so obviously it was the sort of house that would have to have had some stuff thro우리카지노wn in there that had to do with the business,” the neighbour said.

They were preparing to move out, but when they heard the police were looking after the area they didn’t want it disturbed.

Police did have a search of the home about eight hours later when the son of the property’s owner came and said a police dog was loose.

A blood trail from the cupboard leads into another room, which police believe may have contained the body.

Officers were asked to remove a mattress from the area and then started to search for a body inside.


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